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BioKryo offers you turnkey solutions including the transport of your samples by a trusted partner.

Without distance, volume, temperature or format limitations, our sole objective is to meet your needs according to your expectations. 

BioKryo organizes and manages the whole logistics for transporting your samples: Starting with a detailed preparation of and consulting on all required documents, along with the shipment itself through to the sample administration and documentation - your sample shipment and storage is carried out at one source. BioKryo possesses extensive knowledge in the international shipment of sensitive biological samples.

Of course, the necessary dry-shipper or dry ice container for shipping your samples can also be provided by BioKryo.


Collection removal

BioKryo has removed entire cryopreserved sample collections on many occasions. Freezers as well as cryovessels can be shipped safely across Europe using state-of-the-art transport and surveillance technology. During transportation, your samples will be cooled using either liquid nitrogen or an electric power aggregate. This guarantees temperature monitoring and a preserved cool chain. We would be happy to advise you if you are planning to transport your samples in this way. 

BioKryo offers an innovative Disaster Recovery Plan based on:

  • Gap-Analysis (in line with current laws and regulations for biobanking cryobiology activities and infrastructure,
  • Back-up storage,
  • Mobile Biobank to recover liquid nitrogen tanks and -80°C freezers at custom infrastructure.

The life cycle of your samples

  • Your samples can be transported by a partner of BioKryo qualified and authorized for low temperature handling.
  • Upon receipt of your samples, our experts enter their identification and conservation data in the software ensuring traceability.
  • Your samples are stored securely, in private or shared equipment, and you can access information on it at any time.
  • Traceability and quality checks are carried out on a regular basis. Your samples are monitored by our experts around the clock.
  • Upon request, your samples are sent to your laboratory or any other destination of your choice.
Do you have any questions about the logistics? 

Our experts will get back to you within as soon as possible.

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