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Management of customer-owned equipment

Your tanks and/or freezers will be connected to our monitoring systems and managed by our team, guaranteeing safety and operational efficiency.


  • Limited space in your facility,
  • Lack of structure or qualified resources,
  • Tanks and refrigerator rarely used,
  • Remote backup and disaster recovery plan.

Why choose it

  • Room saving,
  • Guarantee to keep your equipment under surveillance around the clock to a high standard,
  • Management of your material by a team of experts,
  • Savings (HR, m2, utilities).

Additional services

  • Remote access for tanks and freezer temperature control,
  • Password access to ModulBio LIMS to control biosample,
  • Biosample distribution service.

Do you have any questions about storage examples? 

Our experts will get back to you within as soon as possible.

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