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Sample management

Various conditions and modalities are available for all types of samples in order to guarantee cold-chain and sample integrity.

When performing clinical studies, it becomes necessary to draw patient samples from various centers, such as hospitals and laboratories.

Subsequently, the associated data needs to be properly documented and the patient samples adequately cryopreserved. You now have the opportunity to outsource these tasks to the sample management of BioKryo.

For more than ten years, BioKryo has been providing management of patient samples for subsequent therapeutic and diagnostic purposes and related logistics as a validated and standardized full service. In this process, tumor tissue, serum, plasma, saliva, urine or whole blood samples for example can be stored within various formats at 4° C, -20° C, -80° C and -150° C.


The benefits for your CRO are firstly the outsourcing of the entire organizational effort, and secondly the avoidance of maintaining expensive cryogenics infrastructure. This  gives rise to a lean cost structure while preserving the high quality of a specialized company. Numerous CROs already benefit from our services and store their samples at BioKryo.


  • Existing or newly generated biobanks;
  • Proximity storage for strategic distribution;
  • Short and long-term storage;
  • Stability studies;
  • Remote backup and disaster recovery plan.

Why choose it

  • No need for investments to build cryoroom facility;
  • No need for additional accreditations/certifications;
  • Centralized site with dedicated logistics, upon request.

Additional services

  • Dedicated tanks or freezers for your own samples;
  • Password access to ModulBio LIMS to monitor biosample;
  • Biosample distribution service.


Do you have any questions about sample management? 

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