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BioKryo at Analytica 2012

From February 17, 2012 to February 20, 2012
All day
München, Germany
analytica München, Germany

At the fair “analytica 2012”, the BioKryo presents the "Lighthouse" system made by Perma Cryo Technologie GmbH.

Using the exclusively by Sysmex Bioscience distributed "Lighthouse", the sample management and the related documentation in biobanking will be greatly improved, as both processes are linked in the "Lighthouse". This technology assures for the first time to maintain the cooling chain for each sample and supplementary ensures 100% sample identification. The "Lighthouse" is presented exemplarily to introduce the services of storage of cryopreserved preparations of BioKryo GmbH. The BioKryo GmbH offers cryostorage of valuable therapeutical and diagnostical biological samples, like stem cells and tissues. As a Fraunhofer-Institute for Biomedical Engineering (IBMT) spin-off, the BioKryo GmbH profits from a 10 year-experience in cryotechnology and stem cell research. We offer this highly specialized low-temperature storage, a.o. our biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry customers, so that they might store e.g. valuable cell lines as back-up. The BioKryo GmbH possesses a manufacturing license according to

§ 20c AMG for the storage of e.g. tissues or stem cell lines for therapeutical use and therefore we are able to provide a GMP compliant storage service for all kind of cryopreserved drugs.

Please find the BioKryo GmbH from February 17 to 20 at hall A1, stand 433/530. For four decades, analytica has been the leading international fair for state-of-the-art laboratory technology and pioneering biotechnology. It completely covers the range of subjects to do with laboratory in science and industry.Thus, this fair trade is the right place to present the long-term storage of valuable biological samples in the BioKryo biobank.