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Infrastructure in bioKryo Italy

Cryobiology room

The facility is located within the Multimedica Technology Park. BioKryo Italia's cryobiology room covers 210 m2 and was built according to the CNT 'Guidelines for the Cryobiology Room of a Tissue Institute'.

It offers low-temperature storage (down to -196°C) of biological material intended for research and, subject to authorisation by the relevant authorities, of biological material intended for clinical use. It contains about 50 workstations for storage containers in liquid nitrogen or nitrogen vapor or mechanical freezers. 

bioKryo Italy has an autonomous smoke detection system (fire-fighting system), which is connected to the Science Campus’ fire control unit and is monitored around the clock.

Guarantee of confidence and reliability: High standards of security and quality assured for your samples as well as the safety of personnel and promise of a present and mobilizable partnership over the long term. In order to achieve customer comfort and safety, sample quality and safety, and continuous monitoring of the facilities, all our biobanks adhere to the following procedures:

The storage of biological samples:

  • any temperature, from -196°C to room temperature
  • all types of formats (2 mL cryotubes, straws, bags ...)
  • all origins (human, animal, plant...)

No temperature, format or sample type restrictions, resulting in reduced costs and time spent on sample management, decreased warehouse space and the possibility of outsourcing all sample collections.

Access only granted to authorized personnel

With badges and portable oxygen sensors. Access is recorded on Autocryo. Procedures in place stipulate that the Room is always accessed by two people (equipped with portable O2 sensor). External personnel are registered and escorted if they need to operate in the Cryogenic Room.

Oxygen detection

15 Sensors placed on the walls and columns of the Cryobiology Room, at a height of 1 m. above the ground, with alarm thresholds at 19.5% and 18%. 

If the detected oxygen percentage falls below the threshold, the Autocryo monitoring and control system performs the following steps:

       1. Activates an audible alarm signal.

       2. Locks the external nitrogen distribution valve. 

       3. Increases the ventilation of the cryobiology room to 25 parts per hour.


Monitoring and control system

Autocryo and Cryomemo for temperature monitoring and filling and level control, as well as dual independent compressor freezers.

Electrical equipment and systems

All critical electrical equipment and systems in the Cryobiology Room are continuously powered (even in the event of a power failure) through connection to a Generating Set or Static Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or with Liquid Nitrogen or CO2 back-up systems for -80°C freezers.


Laboratory area

bioKryo Italy infrastructure boasts a modern laboratory area that enables a wide range of bioservices to be performed so as to support basic, biomedical, pharmaceutical and clinical research. 

The laboratory area consists of functional and well equipped spaces mainly dedicated to cell biology, biospecimen processing, molecular biology, microbiology and cytogenetics. 

Laboratory activities are certified ISO-9001:2015 with a dedicated team of qualified biologists. All critical instruments located in the laboratory area are monitored in real-time, every day and around the clock by AutoCRYO and by an on-duty team consisting of technicians and biologists.

​​​​The cell biology laboratory offers several specific services ranging from tissue-specific cell isolation, cell differentiation and quality controls of cell lines. The protocols actually in place have been developed and standardized over the years, and are systematically improved thanks to staff engaging in continuous learning  by participating in training courses and seminars. What is more, thanks to its highly specialized staff and experience acquired over the years, bioKryo Italy provides a service dedicated to stem cells by reprogramming somatic cells into induced pluripotent stem cells to their differentiation. The biospecimen processing laboratory, including the separation of blood into its components, is instrumental for biobanking services and for ensuring the collection of high-quality samples. The molecular biology laboratory offers solutions on the nucleic acid extraction from different biological matrices (blood, cell lines, saliva, mouth swabs, paraffin tissues, microorganisms) and performs genotyping services. Our microbiology laboratory focuses on detecting microbial contaminants in cell cultures and viral screening, a critical aspect that can jeopardize the reducibility of experimental results. The cytogenetics facility, equipped with automated microscopes with fluorescence applications, affords a wide range of research services through conventional and spectral karyotype in addition to molecular karyotype analysis for defining chromosomal abnormalities.

Besides carrying out the above portofolio of bioservices, we are also able to develop and provide our customers with highly qualified customized services to meet their specific needs and requirements.

bioKryo Italy laboratory area