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BioKryo with logistics and emergency solution for biobanks at MEDICA 2012

labor der zukunft Medica 2012

As a member of Fraunhofer IBMT´s project “Labor der Zukunft”, BioKryo presents a new solution for the transport and storage of cryopreserved valuable biological samples at the fair trade MEDICA 2012.

With the new mobile laboratory, it is now possible to bring a complete laboratory infrastructure, including storage capacity to any place, to e.g. in case of accidents, such as e.g. the total failure of the cooling systems, carry out the transfer of a complete sample gathering. Furthermore, it is now possible in the framework of clinical studies, to directly get on spot of the study center and to work up the samples according to own SOPs and to process and cryopreserve them directly on the scene. The maintenance of the cooling chain is one essential element of the laboratory´s infrastructure.

The BioKryo GmbH offers cryostorage of valuable therapeutical and diagnostical biological samples, like stem cells and tissues. As a Fraunhofer-Institute for Biomedical Engineering (IBMT) spin-off, the BioKryo GmbH profits from a 10 year-experience in cryotechnology and stem cell research. We offer this highly specialized low-temperature storage, a. o. our biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry customers, so that they might store e. g. valuable cell lines as back-up. The BioKryo offers the whole spectrum of storage types, starting with ambient temperature up to a range of -196 ° C using liquid nitrogen.

Additionally, the BioKryo GmbH provides, together with other cooperation partners, diagnostic and logistic services like the HLA-typification or a worldwide dispatch of samples. The BioKryo GmbH possesses a license according to § 20c AMG for the storage of e.g. tissues or therapeutic stem cell lines and therefore we are able to provide a GMP compliant storage service.

Biological samples are stored below -150°C using liquid nitrogen as cryogenic agent during the cryopreservation. This temperature range completely inhibits all metabolic activities of living cells and thus enables the storage of these cells beyond a human life cycle for later therapeutical use.

Please find the BioKryo GmbH from November 14 to 17 on the outdoor area as a co-exhibitor of “Labor der Zukunft”. We look forward to your visit.