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AITS Initiative

 initiative AITS-AIDS/TB Saar

BioKryo GmbH announces at the first AITS symposium on infectious diseases network its participation in this network.

The initiative AITS-AIDS/TB Saar will develop custom-made strategic concepts to strengthen the cooperation between researchers and enterprises in Saarland and support collaboration between regional, national and international partners.

AITS will boost the development of regional technologies and support the dissemination and exploitation of results on European and international level to promote Saarland as an economic global player in the field of AIDS/TB-research.

The BioKryo GmbH brings in this consortium its expertise in the field of storage of patient specimens, which are HIV, HBV or HCV positive.

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This certificate depicts a further proof of the high quality of BioKryo`s services. The auditors of GZQ highlighted the high level of expertise of the BioKryo team. BioKryo GmbH offers the cryostorage of therapeutically valuable biological material such as cells or tissue samples on-site Sulzbach / Saar. As a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering (IBMT), BioKryo profits by IBMT's over ten years of experience in cryogenics and stem cell research. BioKryo holds a authorization according to § 20c AMG for the storage of such therapeutic tissue or stem cell lines, providing a GMP-compliant storage of medicinal products. BioKryo has the ability to plan and manage the whole logistic and transport process of biological samples, from a detailed preparation and handling of all formalities to the implementation of the transport as well as a comprehensive sample management, documentation and archiving.

The stored samples are constantly ready for the return to the customer or any place in Europe required by the customer, in case of future diagnostic and therapeutic applications needed. With a comprehensive quality management system, BioKryo continually optimizes its internally structures and processes. Thus, on one hand it meets their own customer focus and on the other hand it matches to all legal and quality requirements in regard to the transport and the storage of biologically valuable materials using cryogenics.